Handmade Designer Gold & Silver Gemstone Jewellery

Tuesday 12 December, 2017


Add an extra special, personal touch to your jewellery creations by choosing a birthstone that matches your own, your wife's, your husband's, or that special someone's birthday.

Since the first century, adorning oneself with birthstones has been a wonderful, mystical way to enhance personal power. Tradition suggests that everyone wears the appropriate birthstone for each month, since each gemstone gains power during it's own month. Ideal to give as a gift to celebrate a child's birthday, or create a design for yourself that incorporates the birthstones of each of your children, family or special friends.

Pick the perfect personalised birthday or personalised anniversary gift by choosing the birth month from the sections below.

Please note: In categorising our birthstone jewellery creations, we have opted for the most widely used 'modern' list standardised in 1912 by the American national association of jewelers. This list has since been adopted by many countries worldwide. If you prefer to follow the Mystical (Tibetan) or Ayurvedic (Indian) birthstone list, simply click the stone type that matches the relevant birthday and ignore the month to which it is currently linked.