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Tuesday 20 February, 2018

Meteorite and silver pendant

Handmade natural gemstone jewellery by


A huge chunk of rare dark tektite wrapped in silver wire on an 22" sterling silver chain

Stone measures around 3" x 2"

Tektite is an extraterrestrial gemstone (being from meteor showers). It is associated with the heart and third eye chakras, as well as the crown chakra. Tektite is also associated with the Star card of the Tarot. It strengthens and enhances inner journeys, channeling, cosmic consciousness, crystal consciousness, expansion, contact with interdimensional or extraterrestrial forces. It is a powerful stone, and its energies can at first be intimidating for those that are not aware of its energy, and tends to bring issues to the surface to be transformed, thus making it called "stone of transformation."

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