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Wednesday 21 February, 2018

Herkimer Diamond 9ct white gold RawRocks pendant necklace

RawRocks Herkimer Diamond (6+cts) 9ct solid white gold pendant on an 18" 9ct solid white gold singapore chain.

Or opt for 9ct solid yellow gold.

Will be made to order and sent to Edinburgh assay office for hall marking, so please allow min. 21 days for delivery.

Herkimer Diamonds are actually brilliant, rare water clear quartz crystals composed of silicon dioxide, hard enough to scratch glass. They are of a hexagonal structure and doubly terminated - (points on both ends).

Found in Dolomite limestone, this rock was buried millions of years ago. Water containing silicon seeped down into the rock and was trapped in pockets or cavities. Under tremendous heat and pressure these Herkimer crystals were formed. Weathering and erosion by glaciers and water have exposed the strata in Middleville, New York.
The name Herkimer Diamond came about because to the untrained eye the sparkling crystals from Herkimer County look like real diamonds. Additionally, the Mohawk Indians, native to this area, are known as "The People of the Crystals".

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